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Bringing your Ragdoll home



The initial days might be challenging for your kitten as they adjust to being separated from their mother and siblings. Additionally, the unfamiliar surroundings might induce nervousness and fear in them. Therefore, it's crucial to exercise patience and understanding during this transitional phase for your new furry companion.


To provide your new kitten with a sense of security and to help them adjust to new family members, pets, and unfamiliar scents, we recommend setting up a "safe" room. This space also discourages the common behavior of kittens hiding when introduced to new surroundings. Ideally, a spare bedroom would serve this purpose, but if that's not available, your own bedroom will work just as well. Ensuring that this room can be isolated from household traffic and noise by closing a door will offer your kitten a comforting space while they are adapting to their new home.


Every kitten is unique and will adapt to their new home at their own pace. Some may feel comfortable after just a few days, while others might need up to a week. Patience is key during this time - follow your kitten's lead and ensure they have everything they need in their safe room: a bed, food, fresh water, a scratching post, and toys. It's important to place their litter box at a distance from the food and water area to avoid any contamination, but make sure it's in an easily accessible and visible location.


Once your kitten starts using the litter box consistently, it's time to slowly introduce them to the rest of the house, and to any other pets you might have. Begin by leaving the door slightly open and allow them to explore and venture out at their own comfort level. Avoid rushing or forcing this process. Soon enough, you'll find your kitten confidently roaming around and likely following you everywhere - get ready for a lovable little shadow in your home!


  • Each kitten requires a minimum of one litter box. We strongly suggest using a low-sided, uncovered box as they adjust to their new home and surroundings. As for the specific type of litter, please visit our "Supplies" page.

  • Ragdolls require regular grooming, so a brush, a comb, and nail trimmers will be essential. Plan to brush your Ragdoll a few times a week to keep their coat in top shape.

  • Food and water bowls should ideally be made of stainless steel, glass, or ceramic.

  • For their nutritional needs, both dry and wet cat food is recommended. You can find our specific recommendations on the "Supplies" page.

  • Don't forget about a scratching post to cater to their natural scratching instincts!

We recommend the following supplies are purchased prior to the kittens arrival. 

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