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     Making the decision to adopt a kitten is a substantial commitment and should not be made impulsively. We deeply care for our kittens and it's imperative to us that they find homes where they will be cherished and provided with high-quality care, from nutritious food and regular grooming to routine vet visits, including annual check-ups and vaccinations.


     Remember, Ragdoll kittens make excellent companion pets and often thrive in pairs. If you're planning to leave your kitten alone for long periods, we strongly suggest adopting another fluffy friend. We prioritize those families intending to adopt two kittens together.


     We appreciate getting to know our potential adopters, so please share a little about yourself when you reach out about a kitten. We reserve the right to refuse adoption if we believe it won't be a suitable match for our kitten.




Payment Methods


Delivery Options

Please note, our kittens start at a base price of $3300 and can increase from there. The final cost of each kitten is determined by various factors, such as their pattern, color, markings, how closely they adhere to the Ragdoll standard, and their specific bloodlines.


However, it's important to note that under no circumstances do we allow our kittens to be adopted with breeding rights.

When kittens are about 4 weeks old, we will reach to interested families, a deposit of $500 is then required to hold a kitten, which will go towards the final adoption fee. It's important to note that this deposit is nonrefundable or transferable if you decide not to proceed with the adoption.

For your convenience, we accept payment through Venmo and Zelle for initial deposits. You can also use these methods to pay the remaining amount, or alternatively, you can choose to pay in cash when you pick up your kitten. Please note that we do not accept checks and we do not offer payment plans.


Additionally, when choosing to use Venmo for payments, kindly include the 1.9% transaction fee on top of the deposit or adoption fee.

If you're planning to fly in to pick up your kitten, we can meet you at the Sarasota, FL airport. Alternatively, you may consider hiring a trusted pet nanny to pick up your new furry friend. 

Depending on your geographical location, we may also offer the option of delivering your kitten directly to you. The fee for this service varies based on your specific location. If this is a service you are interested in, please get in touch with us for more detailed information. We also offer the service of flying your kitten to you directly. However, please note that this service includes a fee of $500 in addition to the cost of the airline ticket.

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