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About Us

    We've been fortunate to collaborate with fellow breeders who share our commitment to ethical standards. Together, we've acquired beautiful Kings and Queens, nurturing a program that produces not only visually stunning Ragdoll kittens but also ensures they are healthy and socially loving. Our journey into Ragdoll breeding began in 2019, stemming from a lifelong love of cats. Our focus lies solely on traditional Ragdolls, adhering strictly to TICA's standards for the blue-eyed pointed breed. Importantly, we never sell kittens with breeding rights, prioritizing the health and happiness of our cats above all else.

    Central to our mission is the continuous improvement of the Ragdoll breed. Through collaboration, we've introduced exceptional new bloodlines that we are incredibly proud of. Our kittens are raised in a loving environment, receiving ample attention not only from us but also from our grandchildren, ensuring they are well-socialized from an early age.

    Health is paramount in our breeding program. We rigorously screen our Queens and Kings for genetic diseases, including HCM, PDK1, and MPSVI, ensuring they are double negative for these conditions. Additionally, we maintain a FELV/FIV negative status, further safeguarding the health of our breeding cats and their offspring.

Ragdoll kitten
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